Winter Beer Night!!!

Jan 09, 2019 — starts at 12:00 pm

Winter Beer Night — January 9th, 2019 at Barcade in New York, New York

Join us, Wednesday, January 9th as we celebrate WINTER BEER NIGHT!!!

Our tap list will we be a wintry mix of delicious strong, rare, vintage, and seasonal beers.

Donate a Winter Coat and get ONE FREE BEER per coat!!! (Limit three free beers per person. Additional coats are welcome! Not accepting light jackets or other types of clothing—just winter coats.)


Draft List includes:

Allagash Nancy – 6.3% ABV – Sour Red Ale aged with Maine Cherries

Bruery Eleven Pipers-Piping – 11.0% – Scotch Ale brewed with Coriander & Belgian candi sugar

Bruery Six Geese-A-Laying – 11.5% – Belgian style Strong Ale brewed with gooseberries. Aged since 2013

Cascade Cranberry 2016 – 6.6% – A blend of Sour Ales aged in Oak for 12 months w/ Cranberries, Orange peel, & Thai Cinnamon

Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout – 9.5% – Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels

Finback Lost Variation – 10.0% – Imperial Stout brewed w/ cacao nibs, coffee and aged in Apple Brandy barrels

Grimm Chocolate Cherry Icing On The Cake – 11.0% Imperial Stout brewed w/cacao nibs, vanilla beans, and Montmorency cherries

Hair of the Dog Doggy Claws – 11.5% – American style Barley Wine

KCBC Jingle Zombie4.0% – Berliner Weiss fermented with Cranberries & Tangerine

Middle Ages Wizard’s Winter – 6.3% – A Magical Winter Warming Amber Ale

Prairie Double Dunk11.9%Imperial Stout brewed w/ Oreo Cookies

Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve  – 7.9% – Belgian Dark Strong Ale brewed w/ Tangerine and Boysenberry

Schlafly Merry Berry – 6.0% – Fruit beer brewed with Blueberries, Raspberries & Blackberries

All kegs to be tapped at noon.


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